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WYG scoops three national awards

Published on: Thursday 26th May 2016
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WYG took home three major awards at the ACE Consultancy and Engineering Awards in London on Tuesday (May 24).

The consultancy firm - which has an office in Cockermouth - was awarded Best UK Business Performance for a Large Firm, while Special Projects Manager Glyn Utting scooped Young Professional of the Year and the Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence.

Tim Holden, WYG’s Head of UK, said: “We are thrilled to win the Best UK Business Performance Award for a large firm. This award recognises our growth journey to the top but it also recognises our people who have done an incredible job of driving this performance.

“Glyn Utting is a perfect example of the talent that WYG hosts and nurtures. He sets a great standard for the future of our industry.”

WYG – a partner of Choose Cumbria – employs over 50 staff in Cockermouth and is involved in the development of the nuclear industry and key infrastructure projects in the region.

For the full list of award winners at the ACE Consultancy and Engineering Awards, visit the ACE website.

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