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Winged Heart Brampton Mara Eagle And Drewl Andsborough

Winged Heart – made in Brampton, sold in France

Published on: Thursday 23rd August 2018

Artisan giftware products made in Cumbria are set to go on sale at historic monuments across France.

Winged Heart, of Brampton, has clinched a contract with Centres des Monuments Nationaux – the French equivalent of English Heritage.

The business, operating from the Old Brewery at Craw Hall, was set up by Drew Landsborough and Mara Eagle in 1995 to make hand-painted stained glass art reproductions, static ‘clings’ printed on fine art film, mirrors and paperweights.

It was already supplying the Centres des Monuments Nationaux with stained glass window reproductions sold at a handful of sites including the Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Paris.

But the volume of business reached the point where it was required to take part in a competitive tendering exercise.

Mara said: “They sent us a whole series of documents, about 50 pages, all in French.

“Our adviser at the Department for International Trade put us in with a local translator, Sylvie Jefferson, who was wonderful.

"But we were given only a fortnight to complete the process and had to ask for more time.”

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