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Windermere School celebrates record year for International Baccalaureate results

Published on: Thursday 13th July 2017
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A Cumbria school is celebrating a record year for International Baccalaureate results.

For the second successive year, Windermere School students have broken school records with their IB results.

The mean score of 35.03 is the highest average score the school has obtained since it introduced the IB 10 years ago, while the points awarded for the core element also saw a new benchmark set, with an average of 1.97 out of a maximum of three.

This year, 34 students sat the IB, of which 30 were IB Diploma candidates and four were IB Career Related candidates.

The IB Career Related Certificate has been designed for career orientated students, offering them the opportunity to gain a certificate which combines practical and academic skills. All four of the students following this programme of study passed, with three students gaining merit/distinction and the other student achieving distinction/distinction.

Six students will take their place on the School Honours Board with a score of 40 points or more. A score of 40 points of more puts these students in the top seven per cent in the world; Julia Sojka (44), Kate Kuian and Wilfred Lau (41) and Ruben Pohle, and Maria Swietlinska and Marc Ungeheuer (40).

Headmaster Ian Lavender, said: “To set new standards for the second year in a row is a real success story, all the more so given that the school is non-selective, and one of which the students and the staff should be very proud.

"The International Baccalaureate encourages students to become independent learners and this is what we constantly strive for at the school.

“The staff at Windermere School give exceptional levels of support to the students and could not do more in trying to instil a sense of wonder and a desire to keep striving for excellence, whatever their chosen field.”

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