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Windermere Named School of the Year

Published on: Thursday 30th November 2017
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Windermere School has been named International Baccalaureate (IB) School of the Year for 2018.

The result, published in the Sunday Times’ 25th edition of Parent Power, features in a comprehensive league table identifying the 2,000 highest-achieving schools in the UK, ranked according to their examination results.

Windermere’s non-selective independent school was placed seventh in the Northwest (once IB results were converted to A-level equivalent) following its best-ever IB diploma results this summer. Its sixth-form students, all of which follow the IB programme, achieved an average of 35 points out of a possible 45, which is 5 points more than the world average (30). This is the second year in a row that the school has celebrated record-breaking IB results.

Ian Lavender, Headmaster at Windermere School, believes that the non-selective entry requirement for the school plays a big part in its success.

He said: “It’s been a real eye-opener to me over the years to see students with four or five GCSEs, who have been rejected by other schools, come to Windermere School and go on to get great results in their IB diploma. The alternative for them might have been a couple of modest grades at A-level.

“In my opinion, the perception that the IB is only for the very able, multi-talented students simply isn’t true. In many ways I think it has the great advantage of being accessible to students with modest GCSE results, while also stretching those who achieve As and A*s.”

Alastair McCall, editor of Parent Power said: “Windermere School has fully embraced the internationalism of the IB from its location overlooking the splendour of Windermere and the wider Lake District. Its achievements this summer, bearing in mind its non-selective intake, are nothing short of remarkable.

“The location itself would offer a distinctive education for its children, but the school under the assured leadership of Ian Lavender, offers much, much more to its boarding and day pupil community. It is just the sort of school we like to recognise.”

The IB is currently taught to more than one million students worldwide and offers an alternative to A-levels. In addition to core academic subjects, there is the opportunity to investigate a subject of special interest and also to get involved in a range of activities outside of academic studies.

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