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Whitehaven's Waterfront ex-owner to take over Moresby Hall restaurant

Published on: Thursday 30th August 2018

A popular chef has joined forces with the owners of an historic Cumbrian home to run its revamped restaurant.

Simon Haslam, who previously owned the Waterfront in Whitehaven, will take over the De Millom restaurant at Moresby Hall.

Owners Jane and David Saxon built up a relationship with Simon over the eight years he ran the harbour side restaurant, which closed in January.

Simon said: "The Waterfront sort of spiralled - we opened it as a first business, as essentially a practice and it took off in a way we never could have imagined.

"I've got three small children and both my partner and myself were working 70 to 80-hour weeks. It comes to the stage when you think, this isn't fair on the kids."

When Jane heard that Simon was looking for a change in direction, she decided to get in touch.

Simon said: "While I don't think I would be able to completely give up catering and cooking, I wasn't looking for a full-time 50 hours a week in a kitchen job. I've done that for 20 years and I was ready for a different challenge.

"What Jane suggested was very interesting and exciting and stimulating."

Jane said: "David and I are much the same - we work long hours and we're looking for someone to take one particular department of what we're doing and develop part of the business further.

"Dining, events, all of the food aspect is a big part for us. We just felt we were at the stage where we wanted more than a head chef."

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