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University of Cumbria sets up training centre to produce talent for Sellafield

Published on: Wednesday 27th April 2016
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A new multi-million pound ‘Project Academy for Sellafield’ training centre is being set up by the University of Cumbria and Sellafield Ltd to equip employees with specific skills to decommission the complex nuclear site.

The University of Cumbria, a partner of Choose Cumbria, will provide a range of higher education programmes, including degrees, masters and doctorates, at the academy from September.

Steve Livingstone, Projects Director for Sellafield Ltd, said: “Over the next few decades we need to build new facilities at the Sellafield site and this requires a range of specialist skills.

“The academy will transform the way people train in many professions from design, operations, and construction to health and safety, project management and leadership, while also allowing them to do this on their doorstep.

"It has the backing of some of the region’s leading education providers, including Furness College and will make Cumbria the centre of project higher education."

The University of Cumbria recently announced that it is developing state-of-the-art science laboratories at its Carlisle campus to create more opportunities for young people to participate in STEM subjects and support companies such as Sellafield, BAE Systems and GSK.

Professor Peter Strike, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cumbria, said: “By providing people with the skills to meet current and future needs of the industry, Sellafield Ltd is investing in the development of local people, while helping to address the growing demand for project professionals.

“The University of Cumbria looks to meet the needs of the people and businesses of our region, while providing our students with high-quality education and supporting the development of their careers."

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