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University of Cumbria gains HR Excellence in Research Award

Published on: Monday 29th February 2016
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The University of Cumbria, a partner of Choose South Cumbria, has received the HR Excellence in Research Award from the European Commission.

The award recognises the university’s commitment to supporting the growth and career development of its researchers, with the aim of improving the quantity, quality and impact of research undertaken at the institution.

Michelle Leek, Director of Human Resources and Organisation Development at the University of Cumbria, said: “We are extremely proud that we have gained this award, which recognises the university’s commitment to providing a professional, ethical approach to research by fully supporting our researchers.

“It reflects our efforts to provide good working conditions and career development for our research community, to facilitate the benefits research delivers to society as a whole.”

Dr Andy Dixon, a member of the UK HR Excellence in Research Panel who announced the recipients of the award, said: “It is great to see the level of commitment from institutions submitting for the various stages of the award.”

A total of 268 UK and European organisations now hold the award, which commits them to a programme of ongoing internal and external evaluation.

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