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Ulverston firm’s light bulb moment

Published on: Monday 8th June 2015
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AN LED manufacturer has unveiled a groundbreaking piece of lighting which could dramatically improve commercial aircraft technology.

Oxley Group, a leading manufacturer in aerospace technology, has just announced the launch of a new replacement landing light.

The high intensity LED lamp, designed by the Ulverston firm, is specifically designed to replace the traditional halogen lightbulbs commonly used among the principal airlines as landing lights.

Delivering a bright white light of 600,000 candelas, the replacement provides a range of added benefits.

With a lifespan of 12,000 hours, the newly developed technology is light years ahead of the traditional bulb’s 100-hour duration, resulting in a reduction in repair costs, storage costs, aircraft on the ground fees and above all, increased safety.

The light also delivers a 72 per cent reduction in power consumption, reducing 600 watts of energy down to just 170 watts.

Although many aircrafts have recognised LED lighting as the way forward, complex housing issues have prevented many manufacturers from taking the leap.

However, Oxley’s brand new technology is specifically designed simply to slot into existing cans of the aircrafts making the replacement quick, easy and cost effective.

Jayne Moorby, marketing manager of Oxley Group, believes this new light could take commercial aircrafts by storm.

She said: “Most airlines tend to use the traditional bulb but these tend to crack and break fairly regularly.

“A lightbulb gets very hot and if a plane lands in a puddle or in snow it’s like throwing boiling water on your windscreen – it breaks.

“The LED lights get a big shock on landing but it’s all encased in silicone so it absorbs that shock a lot better.”

Specifically designed to keep temperatures low and to absorb shock and vibrations, the LED replacements provide much more reliability.

This is the fourth generation of LED landing lights designed by Oxley which has seen the brightness increase from 200,000cd, to 400,000cd before arriving at 600,000cd – the brightest light yet.

Having begun work on this product around one year ago, the Oxley team implemented a trial and error strategy before finally breaking the boundaries of LED technology.

Mrs Moorby believes this new light offers unrivalled opportunities for airlines in addition to an untapped market for the firm.

She said: “I think Oxley has a long pedigree in the manufacturing of LED lights, predominantly in a military market but this product is very firmly placed in the commercial market.

“There’s huge potential for us in this field and this is ground-breaking technology.

“There are people all over the world trying to develop this amount of power within the confines of these spaces which is a huge challenge but we feel as though we are at the front of the race.”

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