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Two hundred new jobs predicted for Cumbria

Published on: Monday 1st June 2015
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A Cumbrian business support programme is forecasting that it will create 200 new jobs in Cumbria.

Fourteen new jobs have already been created as a result of the Innovus programme, with organisers now predicting hundreds more will follow.

The programme helps small and medium sized Cumbrian businesses to make a commercial success of innovative technology.

It is run by National Nuclear Laboratory and The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute, and has received well over 200 inventions.

New funding coming on stream in June means that investment in research and development by Cumbrian businesses working with Innovus will exceed £2m.

NNL’s Adrian Davis-Johnston (pictured), manager of the Innovus programme said: “Cumbria already has some of the most innovative businesses working with robotics, remote engineering and sensor technology and Innovus has been able to help many of these already.

“It’s vital for the UK and for Cumbrian businesses that we continue to look for new challenges and apply our innovative solutions to them.”

A series of events have been planned to help businesses grow using Innovus funding.

The next of these events takes place on 23 June at Rheged and is free to attend, with more information available on the Innovus website.

At the event local firm Barrnon will talk about how it applied its expertise in trawling for scallops, to lifting sludge from nuclear storage ponds, including the new jobs created by the new investment

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