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Thousands enjoy spectacular Ulverston Lantern Festival

Published on: Monday 22nd September 2014
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HUGE crowds lined the streets and showed their appreciation for the many inventive creations on show at the Ulverston Lantern Festival which ended with a spectacular firework finale.

Residents and community groups rose to the occasion with their interpretations of the 2014 theme “what’s under the hoad”.

Second Ulverston Scouts stole the show with their homage to the supervillain Gru from the film Despicable Me. Mounted on two bicycles and standing at an imposing 16 foot 3 inches, the full structure took six weeks to make. Decked out in full scouting regalia, Gru was accompanied, as ever, by a team of minions.

Scout leader Gavin Knott said: “We wanted to do something that no one else was going to do. It was a bit touch and go on the way round and we didn’t know if it would make it in one piece.”

Barrow based art group Furness Creatives made the short trip down the A590 to take part in the festival.

Dressed as miners, complete with flashing pickaxes, shovels and mining carts, they offered an industrial interpretation of this year’s theme. Chairman Colin Bentham said: “We sat around a table and came up with ideas about what might be under the hill. At first we came up with dragons but then we thought about the area’s mining heritage and we thought that would be something no else would do.”

Four processions set off from various point around the town before arriving in County Square and continuing to Ford Park where there was plenty of live music and entertainment. The night ended with a spectacular firework finale.

Festival committee chairman Peter Adams said: “It’s gone fantastically. I’m very proud of everyone in Ulverston who has come out to see it and to enjoy a good night together.

“We’ve had a bit of luck with a lot of excellent people helping out and working on lanterns and we’ve be lucky with the weather as well. It’s been very successful I think and now we’re ready to take it forward and make next year even better.”

The 2015 Ulverston Lantern Festival takes place on Saturday, September 12.

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