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The Bay radio officially one of the UK’s best

Published on: Thursday 9th February 2017
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The total reach of The Bay radio station has eclipsed all competition in its area, beating all other BBC and commercial stations in the marketplace.

The radio station, which broadcasts across Morecambe, Lancaster, the South Lakes, Ulverston and Barrow-in-Furness is once again the market leading radio station for north Lancashire and south Cumbria.

The station has seen a 12 per cent increase in audience numbers year on year and its nearest competitor BBC Radio 2 lost 5,700 listeners this quarter.

Local BBC services, BBC Cumbria and Radio Lancashire, achieved a 5.4 and 2.4 per cent market share respectively within The Bay’s transmission area compared to The Bay Radio’s 17.8 per cent.

The Bay’s result means it’s now achieved a number two ranking across England and Wales when all other BBC and commercial local services are analysed, the only station beating it was CFM, based in Carlisle.

A total of 198,000 people tune in to The Bay over 13 weeks representing 71 per cent of all adults in the area.

The Bay’s managing director, Bill Johnston, said: “This is a stunning result and I’m incredibly proud of the team here.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to bring local people a local radio station firmly rooted within the communities we serve.

“I’d like to thank those hundreds of local businesses who invest in the station, year after year, and put their trust in us to deliver advertising solutions that get results.”

The sister station to The Bay, Lakeland Radio, also cemented itself as one of the most listened to Cumbrian radio stations.

The station, based at Plumgarth’s in Kendal, broadcasts around south Cumbria and as far north as Keswick and has a 13 week cumulative audience of 33,000 listeners.

The number of hours people spent listening to Lakeland Radio increased over the course of a single week and the station is heard by 35 per cent people in its broadcast area each week.

The Bay and Lakeland Radio are both owned by CN Group, the award-winning company behind Choose Cumbria.

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