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South Cumbrian chef creates world’s most exclusive snack

Published on: Friday 13th November 2015
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Cumbrian chef Simon Rogan has developed the ‘world’s most exclusive snack’.

Simon Rogan (pictured), who owns Cartmel’s exclusive L’Enclume restaurant, has created a luxury version of the popular Graze snackboxes. But while a Graze box will set you back £3.99, these luxury version sell at £233.70.

They include such luxury snacks as lobster puffs, horseradish styrofoam, and hand-picked cicely.

Rogan founded the restaurant, which holds two Michelin stars, in 2003 with all the food supplied from his own farm.

The restaurant has also come in first place in the Good Food Guide for the last three years running.

One hundred editions of the luxury snack boxes are being given away for free to celebrate Graze's 1,500th recipe.

Rogan spent six months researching and developing the the snacks, and painstakingly created them all by hand.

There’s even some Cumbrian representation in the boxes, with the grilled salad containing “Cartmel-farmed cauliflower”.

Rogan said of the project: "It's not something I've ever done before, but when asked I said yes immediately.

"The challenge of marrying Michelin starred techniques, fresh foods and flavours, combining this with the precise graze punnet formula is a food feat that's never been achieved before.

"I took inspiration from the food we serve at Fera at Claridge's and L'Enclume and then worked with the Graze team to explore the recreation of beautiful British flavours into the new snacks.

"Ensuring the balance of ingredients and delicate flavour combinations into a smaller snack format has been a great challenge and I'm really pleased with the final recipes."

The three snacks in full are: 1. Grilled Salad: Cartmel-farmed cauliflower, kale, freeze-dried Isle of Mull cheddar, garlic, chilli and sunflower seeds.

2. West Coast of Scotland Lobster and Horseradish Styrofoam: Lobster puffs, horseradish styrofoam, beetroot, apple and tarragon.

3. Salt and vinegar British corn-fed Chicken popcorn: Crispy chicken skin with salt and vinegar half popped corn

4. Mascarpone, raspberry and hazelnut biscuit: Freeze-dried mascarpone, raspberry strings, pear, hand-picked sweet cicely and hazelnut biscuit.

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