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Software company’s digital marketplace role

Published on: Friday 6th March 2015
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A PIONEERING software company has announced two major developments that are set to reaffirm its role as an industry leader.

3SL has a history of providing specialist software to the government for more than 25 years and has just received a prestigious accreditation.

The Barrow-based software development company has just received its Cyber Essentials certification for its bespoke IT systems.

Although it is one of only a small number of Cumbrian companies to have secured the accreditation, Mark Walker, owner and sole director of 3SL, believes any company looking to do business with the government will have to be accredited. He said: “This is a scheme instigated by the UK government that seeks to confirm the basic integrity of the IT systems of companies who interact with the UK government."

“At a more practical level, it assures that 3SL’s IT systems have, at the very least, basic protections against a variety of Internet-based threats.”

The company has also announced the launch of its Cradle software on the digital marketplace.

Cradle is a multi-user tool which manages a company’s project information through all its phases, with full change tracking and configuration management. The software enables the company to capture information from external documents, create, inter-link and analyse project data and reproduce the information with an infallible degree of accuracy.

Mr Walker said he is thrilled to launch his product on the market. He said: “We are delighted to have been admitted into the government’s digital marketplace and hope that it will increase our visibility in departments that have in the past bought less capable, more expensive tools from overseas companies.”

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