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Shed 1 Gin celebrates winning top award

Published on: Tuesday 21st August 2018

Andy and Zoe Arnold-Bennett are raising their glasses after winning a top national award for the gin they distil in their garden shed.

The Cumbrian couple have been recognised with a one-star, Simply Delicious, plaudit for their limited edition Shed Loads of Love gin which features rose petals, lavender and strawberries with a hint of chilli.

Their success coms just a year after they took a two-star Outstanding award for their Cuckold’s Revenge gin in the same awards.

Founded just under two years ago, Shed 1 Distillery, one of the smallest in the UK, operates out of Andy and Zoe’s seven square-foot garden shed in Ulverston.

The business was set up by Andy and Zoe in October 2016, when Andy gave up a full-time acting career to follow his dreams.

The pair create small batch gin using high quality botanicals and filtered Cumbrian water.

As well as Cuckold’s Revenge and Shed Loads of Love, they produce Giggle in the Ginnel, Fancy Frolic and Festive Tipple gins.

Andy said: “We have been given a lot of encouragement and support by the people and businesses of Cumbria and beyond and our stockists and distributors believe in our product. Also, through food markets and shows we can meet and chat with the public and this personal touch helps makes the business what it is.”

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