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Trudy Harrison, David Peattie And Greg Clark

Sellafield welcomes Business Secretary Greg Clark for tour

Published on: Tuesday 7th August 2018

Business secretary Greg Clark visited Sellafield yesterday to see for himself some of its most iconic legacy facilities.

Dr Clark was given an insight into the complexities of the Cumbrian nuclear plant, including a rare glimpse inside the First Generation Magnox Storage Pond, one of the most hazardous facilities in Europe.

The open-air pond was originally used to store used nuclear fuel from the Magnox reactors, the UK’s first generation of nuclear power stations that generated low-carbon electricity for more than 50 years.

Now 66 years old, the FGMSP is one of a number of buildings prioritised for clean-up by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Accompanied by David Peattie, the authority’s chief executive, Mr Clark learnt about the progress being made in cleaning up Sellafield and how the latest cutting-edge technology is helping to do the work more quickly, more safely and more cost-effectively.

Working to overcome the unique decommissioning challenges at Sellafield has also allowed the NDA, and the supply chain, to develop export opportunities for this new technology – as part of its contribution to implementing the Nuclear Sector Deal.

Dr Clark also met with Sellafield’s chief executive Paul Foster and key employees including apprentices and new recruits starting out in the nuclear sector.

Mr Peattie said: “The secretary of state’s visit to Sellafield was a chance for us to demonstrate the fantastic progress being made in decommissioning the site, as well as how the knowledge and expertise within our industry makes the UK a world-leader in nuclear decommissioning.”

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