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Samuel Boardman Wagr Sellafield

Sellafield visit for budding nuclear physicist, 11

Published on: Thursday 16th August 2018

Budding nuclear physicist Samuel Boardman impressed Sellafield bosses so much with his decommissioning proposal that they invited him to the site.

The 11-year-old, who described the visit to the West Cumbrian plant as the best day of his year, wowed decommissioning leaders with a letter detailing how he would deal with emptying the highly hazardous ponds.

So impressed was the head of the legacy ponds, Dorothy Gradden, that she offered Samuel and his family the chance to see the Sellafield site for himself.

Mrs Gradden, who was awarded an OBE last year for her services to the nuclear industry, said: “As a passionate supporter of education and training, I was hugely impressed by Samuel’s highly-detailed letter.

“I value the importance of nurturing nuclear interest in youngsters, and it was a pleasure to meet Samuel so I could talk to him about his proposals and show him exactly how we are dealing with the nuclear clean-up.

“It’s important that the extremely challenging and complex work we already do is carried on by the next generation so I wanted to extend the offer of a visit to Samuel, who continued to impress me with his knowledge when he came to Sellafield.”

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