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Sellafield Ltd Joins Northern Powerhouse

Sellafield Ltd signs up to Northern Powerhouse

Published on: Thursday 1st February 2018
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Sellafield Limited has joined the Government’s initiative to drive economic growth across the North of England.

The company signed up to the Northern Powerhouse at Cumbria Day in Westminster, which showcased Cumbria to Ministers, MPs and civil servants.

Launched in 2014 by then Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, the Northern Powerhouse aims to drive economic growth across the north to help re-balance the economy of Britain, but investing in skills, innovation, transport and culture.

The deal was signed by Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry and Jamie Reed, head of community and development for Sellafield Ltd.

Mr Reed, former MP for Copeland, said: “We’re delighted to become official partners of the Northern Powerhouse. Sellafield has long been a powerhouse in its own right. We pioneered the civil nuclear industry and we’re now leading the world in nuclear decommissioning.

“Our greatest challenge is ensuring we leave a positive legacy for our community by helping build a diverse and resilient local economy. Being a partner in the Northern Powerhouse allows us to work closely with our owners the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Government, local authorities, and other partners to give us a greater chance of success.”

Mr Berry added: “I’m really pleased Sellafield Ltd has joined the Northern Powerhouse as an official partner.

“The company plays a huge role already in the north’s economy, employing more than 11,000 people and spending more than £1.1bn a year in the supply chain. The Northern Powerhouse is all about ensuring economies like Cumbria are able to achieve their full potential by working together with other towns, cities and rural communities.”

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