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‘Rocket man’ lands in South Cumbria

Published on: Sunday 14th June 2015
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I've never played with such an amazing view," so said rock icon Sir Elton John as he performed for the first time in South Cumbria.

Elton headed to Cumbria for his first ever show as part of a massive worldwide tour on the 40th anniversary of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Fans of the global star turned up in their droves to Westmorland County Showground, near Kendal, to watch a living legend at work.

And they were treated to one of the most colourful shows ever witnessed in the area.

Surrounded by some of the most glorious countryside that the county has to offer, the stage was set for a perfect evening celebrating Elton's incredible back catalogue.

As the clock struck 7pm, Elton's band took to the stage to the sound of bells chiming and haunting wind chimes.

Elton bowed to the audience in a sequinned dinner jacked before sitting at the giant grand piano on stage.

Opening with a five-minute long instrumental piece to set the mood, the entire band were clearly having a ball, performing for the giant screens, the percussionist repeatedly tossing his tambourine into the air to great applause.

Then moving into the slower but impeccable crowd pleaser Benny and The Jets, the whole band took a step back to allow Elton to take centre stage and show off that he can still tinkle the ivories like no one else.

The piano mounted camera ensured that everyone could witness the deft hand Elton still possesses especially on the two-minute piano solos.

Going even slower, the band lined up their ode to Marilyn Monroe, Candle In The Wind, to ensure that they could get the audience singing, swaying and waving along with them.

With the final chords of Candle dying down, Elton took his opportunity to speak to the audience.

The maestro said: “Good Evening, Cumbria.

“Thank you so much for coming, we've never played such an amazing view like that before.

"We like playing places we've never been before, thank you for sitting there in the freezing cold.”

The band then continued playing songs from the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album with All The Young Girls Love Alice.

Elton then moved on to some more recent tunes from the album, Madman From Across The Water playing Leave On.

With the weather constantly threatened to break, the majority of the audience had come kitted out in waterproofs and star sun glasses.

Elton shifted gears into the megatune that is Tiny Dancer keeping the audience in suspense for the massive chorus, that saw fans dancing and clapping in the aisles and large pockets of the audience out of their seats.

After shaking hands with one enterprising individual who approached the stage at the behest of the stewards, Elton moved on, saying: “I've written hundreds of songs and this next one is one of my favourites because it's about love and hope and we need plenty of that in the world today. It's from the album, Made In England and it's called Believe”

The band continued playing the hits and the audience loved each and every one, while the stewards did their best to keep everyone in check, they couldn't stop the whole audience getting out of their seats and dancing across the whole arena.

This was a concert of epic proportion, filled to the gills with show stopping tunes and unforgettable moments for his fans. An evening South Cumbria will never forget.

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