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North Associates reveals future plans

Published on: Wednesday 14th December 2016
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The rural asset management team of Carlisle-based land and property firm North Associates - part of WYG - has spoken for the first time about its work.

Andrew Jamieson became head of rural asset management in June, joining from H&H Land & Property. James Bendle later joined, also from H&H.

They have been working on the way traditional land agency is delivered by the Kingstown-based company, who are, as part of WYG, partners of the Choose Cumbria initiative.

Mr Jamieson said: “My remit is to develop and grow a rural asset management team.

“The foundation of this is traditional land agency, however we are able to take the strategic methodology that is at the core of North Associates’ ethos and use this to better serve our rural clients.

“We offer clients an ability to explore opportunities from a commercial viewpoint, whilst utilising a holistic approach to their entire asset portfolio.

“By doing this, we are able to guide our clients into the best possible position to take advantage of opportunities across a wide range of sectors as and when they become available.”

He added: “We continue to offer traditional land agency services including farm and estate management, farm business and subsidies advice, landlord and tenant, sale and acquisition, environment and forestry.”

Mr Jamieson also said the team could offer a wide range of advice and was building partnerships with other professionals in the area.

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