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New Barrow radio station hits the airwaves

Published on: Friday 27th November 2015
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CandoFM, which was previously an internet radio station, has an FM licence from Ofcom and it has been officially launched at its Furness College base. The not-for-profit station uses the frequency 106.3 FM and started broadcasting on Monday.

CandoFM began in 2010 as an enterprise project with media tutor Jonny Williams. Mr Williams is the business development manager and is given time to support the station alongside his tutor role. Former volunteer Danny Leitch is the station manager.

Mr Leitch said: "We are very excited. It's a huge opportunity for the local area. The station is produced by the local community, for the local community, to give them a voice. It's a media we are under served on and it's an opportunity to give young people skills and experiences that will hopefully act as a springboard for them."

Mr Williams said: "This is a massively important project for the community, it really is filling a gap which is definitely there."

The media tutor said the project has given learners already involved in the scheme news skills and a great approach to learning.

Anyone can be involved in the station and no previous training is needed as this is provided. College students, others students, members of the community and groups are all part of the station community.

The schools involved so far are Furness Academy, Dowdales, Walney, St James CE Juniors and Ormsgill Nursery and Primary. Cumbria County Councillors for these areas have given donations totalling £2,388 from the Local Community Members Scheme Grant to create remote station facilities at the schools.

Mr Williams said: "During the testing period people found the station by accident and it was hugely encouraging that people contacted us and sent us messages and even businesses have contacted us. It was completely unexpected and hugely positive.”

CandoFM uses the email address

Article taken from the North-West Evening Mail

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