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Keswick’S Theatre By The Lake

Keswick's Theatre by the Lake celebrates 19 years - and 154 home-produced plays

Published on: Wednesday 29th August 2018

Keswick's Theatre by the Lake has celebrated its 19th birthday, having staged an impressive 154 home-produced plays since its official opening in December 1999 by Dame Judi Dench and Michael Williams.

The theatre quickly became a highly-acclaimed venue, known for its high production values, welcoming atmosphere, and independent productions.

As part of its birthday celebrations and its entry in the campaign to find Britain’s Most Welcoming Theatre in the 2018 UK Theatre Awards, the theatre is running a picture showcase called 19 Reasons for 19 Years.

This is to promote voting for them online, as well as reliving the theatre’s history and why it is such a special place to visit.

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