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Kendal regeneration project launched

Published on: Thursday 12th March 2015
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A major regeneration project to help revitalise Kendal’s economy was officially launched this week as Kendal Futures launched its 10 year action plan at an event held at Kendal College.

The Kendal Economic Growth Action Plan 2015 – 2025 recommends strategic themes and priority projects to address eight identified economic challenges that will face the Kendal economy over the next decade.

In so doing, Kendal Futures believes the town will be able to build ambitiously on its strong foundations to attract external investment, stimulate economic activity and create new jobs and business opportunities.

The Action Plan includes projects that will grow the local economy, fuel job creation and increase Kendal’s long-term prosperity.

It focuses on the drivers of business growth and job creation based on innovation, investment, infrastructure and skills.

The plan has outlined 16 projects listed under four priority headings of:

1. Business specialisation and diversification: Continue up the value chain
2. Attract and retain working age talent
3. Establish a brand for the wider Kendal economy and give special focus on quality of life
4. Deliver economic infrastructure and place making investment

The Action Plan has been published following consultation with the Kendal Futures board, key partners and stakeholders and focuses on a clear, evidence-based economic development agenda for the town.

This plan refreshes the first Kendal Economic Regeneration Action Plan which was developed in June 2007 and has been used to successfully focus economic regeneration in Kendal.
Much has been achieved since 2007 but since then new projects have emerged, alongside a changing economic outlook and funding challenges which made a new Action Plan necessary.

The Kendal Futures board will continue to lead the delivery of the Action Plan and will work with private, public and third sector partners to help support Kendal towards a more resilient and sustainable economic growth.

Peter Hensman, chairman of the board, said “Kendal is well placed to remain a thriving centre offering quality jobs, dynamic businesses and a great quality of life. The new Action Plan will help us to achieve this and Kendal Futures is committed to working with our partners to deliver it”.

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