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Inspira urges local teens to change their lives this summer

Published on: Tuesday 9th May 2017
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Careers management and personal development organisation Inspira is urging young people to change their lives this summer by signing up to popular youth empowerment programme National Citizen Service (NCS) after research revealed it can help them get into university.

As teenagers prepare to take exams, the research, which analyses data provided by UCAS, shows that university admission is about more than just exam grades with NCS grads 12 per cent more likely to get into university than non-NCS grads.

Since its launch in 2009, NCS has given more than 300,000 young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to spend four weeks experiencing the great outdoors, learning important life skills and volunteering in their local community.

Delivered by Inspira in Cumbria and Lancashire, NCS also helps young people get jobs and improve their career prospects by giving them access to unique volunteering and work experience opportunities.

Michael Lynas, CEO at NCS, said: “This new research shows that NCS helps young people to get on in life and gives them vital life skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. I’d urge all sixteen year olds in Cumbria to take part in NCS after GCSEs this summer. Not only will they make new friends and have an adventure, they will also be fast tracking their future.”

NCS is open to 15-17 years in England. This year, a record 100,000 young people are signed up to take part in NCS. Dave Todd of Inspira, who manages the NCS programme in Cumbria and Lancashire, is urging young people to sign up for summer places before they run out.

He said: “NCS is a fantastic programme for all young people. This research shows the tangible benefits to those who want to go on to university – but the principles certainly apply to young people who are considering other education and employment avenues such as apprenticeships.”

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