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Innovative Cumbrian company unveils “sustainable alternative to plastic”

Published on: Tuesday 6th September 2016
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A world-leading packaging innovator has launched a renewable and recyclable moulded packaging product which is a “sustainable alternative to plastic”.

James Cropper 3D Products (JC3DP) will showcase the design-engineered product at Packaging Innovations 2016 in London on September 14 and September 15.

The new packaging will offer versatility in colour, design and finish to rival existing moulded fibre products.

Chief Technology Officer Patrick Willink said: “We have to open up new opportunities for design innovation so that the many challenges of replacing plastic can be overcome. Our moulded paper packaging is the first step in this next generation.

“JC3DP products have the ability to outperform plastic in terms of colour quality and consistency, and our design-engineered approach enables new progress in packaging design performance.”

The innovative product is made using 100 per cent renewable natural fibres from sustainably managed forests and can be recycled like regular paper.

Mr Willink added: “Sustainable innovation is one of the major focuses of everything we do at James Cropper and we like to set our sights high.

“We have a proven record of success when it comes to daunting technical challenges and innovative use of materials.”

JC3DP is one of three divisions of James Cropper Plc – a partner of Choose Cumbria with a globally recognised reputation for producing premium paper and packaging products – based in Burneside near Kendal.

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