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House building contributes millions to South Cumbria economy

Published on: Friday 10th July 2015
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THOUSANDS of jobs and and millions of pounds in revenue were created due to the housing industry in Cumbria last year, a report says.

The report from the Home Builders Federation, released today, said the industry supported 6,192 jobs in Cumbria last year.

In addition it created £14m in tax contributions, built 331 affordable homes and made payments of £31m to local authorities for further provision of new affordable homes.

In Barrow and South Lakeland the report said housebuilding supported more than 1300 jobs, created more than £3m in tax contributions and made payments of nearly £7m to local authorities for new affordable homes.

The report also said the industry contributed more than half a million pounds towards educational facilities in Barrow and South Lakeland.

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman at HBF, said the industry made a “huge hidden” contribution to the economy in South Cumbria.

He said: “ Whilst housing output in the region has increased, we are still not delivering anywhere near what is needed.

“As well as delivering desperately needed new homes, increasing housing supply would provide significant additional benefits for everyone living in the region through additional jobs, investment in infrastructure and facilities for communities.

“People often don’t realise that the new community centre, school or sports facilities have been funded directly as a result of housing developments.

“Ultimately, providing new homes for people also means better facilities for the wider community. These are the very things that turn a collection of houses into communities; brand new places where people want to live.”

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