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Great opportunities for apprentices at GSK Ulverston

Published on: Thursday 26th March 2015
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Among them are Anna Shaw and Hannah Bell who are leading the way in their respective fields at an exciting time in GSK’s development.

Anna is the reigning champion of the Women in Science and Engineering Apprentice of the Year Award (WISE) for the whole country and received her award from Princess Anne.

Hannah meanwhile is the chair of the GSK apprentice group and holds meetings with those in similar positions across the UK and Europe.

Steve Stewart, formerly of GSK’s Ulverston site now heads up its apprenticeship scheme across the UK from its west London HQ, from where he explained how apprentices are embedded at the very heart of the business and will play a key role in its future.

Steve said: “The scheme started out in Ulverston in 2010 with three apprenticeships. Now we have a centralised scheme in the UK which I am working on and leading, and we’ve now got 180 across the business in the UK.

“We are looking to expand this year, with another 68.

“At interview we have found that managers are so pleased with the candidates we get more and more requests to expand."

There are 27 apprentices at GSK's Ulverston site with plans for a further ten in 2015.

Steve said: “Different parts of the business are embracing it now so previously we focused at site level. We started at engineering in Ulverston and we grew to supply chain, labs and manufacturing.

“Now we are looking at wider IT, finance and the research and development sites are coming on board as well across the UK.

“It is becoming a really strong group of talent coming into the business and it is viewed as such by senior leaders at GSK House.

“People at the top of GSK House are really investing in it and looking to maximise some of the opportunities that are coming through.

“Probably the key drivers are the calibre of people coming through. When we started it, it was very much let’s invest in this and see if we can make it a success.. We were that impressed with the apprentices coming through, you mentioned two of the guys at Ulverston, Hannah and Anna have been excellent and the engineering and manufacturing guys have some great stories leading different projects, they’ve been doing things with solar panels recently and led initiatives that have been adopted by our sites in Australia and Singapore .

“The results we’re getting back are fantastic and it’s the energy they create. I find when I go to sites that have a good number of apprentices it feels different when you walk in there. There’s a buzz and excitement, people are really engaged."

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