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GP trainees offered £20,000 to start career in South Cumbria

Published on: Wednesday 3rd February 2016
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Trainee GPs are being offered a £20,000 bursary by the NHS to encourage them to begin their career in South Cumbria.

The bursary is also being offered in East Cumbria and West Lakes as a way of encouraging trainee GPs to work in locations they may not have considered. These areas are not routinely used for medical placements yet have a number of opportunities for career progression through specialising, taking part in clinical research and becoming involved in the Cumbria-wide improvement agenda.

Geoff Jolliffe, Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group’s lead GP for Furness, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for trainee GPs who want to make their mark. There are massive opportunities for portfolio working, whether it be in education, research, industrial medicine or palliative care, and South Cumbria in particular is a very successful area for leadership development of GPs.

“The quality of general practice here is very high and well supported by the health authorities. It is also a great place to live, as well as work.”

GP practices in Cumbria consistently have some of the country’s highest levels of patient satisfaction, with healthcare professionals in the region working in innovative ways to support community services.

Dr Jolliffe added: “Patients in South Cumbria are great to work with and very appreciative of GPs. Once GPs come here, they wonder why they’d want to work elsewhere.”

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