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Farmers benefiting from technological innovation grants

Published on: Tuesday 31st July 2018

Cumbrian farmers have been benefiting from hundreds of thousands of pounds of grants for technological innovation.

H&H Land and Property has secured £448,000 in grant funding across Cumbria as part of the Government’s Improving Farm Productivity Grant Scheme, with £333,000 awaiting approval.

Tracey Jackson, associate and chartered surveyor with H&H Land and Property, said: “The Improving Farm Productivity Grant Scheme provides a wealth of opportunity for farmers wishing to invest in a variety of new and advancing technologies.

“There is a real focus for farms to embrace emerging technologies and we have already represented farmers who are keen to progress their business and improve outputs, without having to increase their overheads to improve production.”

Jonathan Hird, graduate surveyor with H&H, said farms had particularly been benefiting from grants to buy milking robots for dairy herds.

“There’s been a real big uptake there,” he said. “There is less labour and time spent in the milking parlour. You don’t have to milk twice a day they are milked more regularly and therefore you get higher yields and higher returns.”

The milking robots were also able to detect bovine mastitis, he said.

H&H has also applied for grants for farms to spend on slurry handling technology and robotic packing machinery for poultry farms.

The robotic packing machinery compacts and stacks eggs, while the LED lights are more efficient than standard bulbs and can be used to increase laying.

The grant funding focuses on improving efficiency, introducing innovation, improving slurry application, introducing innovative technology and making use of renewable energy produced on the farm.

Grants are for a minimum of £35,000, and can cover up to 40 per cent of the eligible costs of the project, with the minimum total eligible cost of the project £87,500.

The deadline for the grant application is Monday December 3.

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