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Expanding firm offers helping hand to start-ups

Published on: Monday 5th February 2018
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A firm of quantity surveyors is offering a helping hand to start-up businesses as part of a £500,000 expansion in to West Cumbria.

Solomons Europe is converting a warehouse in the village of Papcastle, near Cockermouth. The result will be a modern, renewable energy powered office development that will act as their base in the region, as well as offerring incubation units for start-up companies.

Eight of the ten office spaces will be available to new enterprises from the area, and the company is going a step further - offering start-ups the opportunity to gain £5,000 interest free loans.

Solomons Europe directors Dominic and Kerry Doig said they want to pass on the generosity they received from a former boss who gave them a £20,000 interest free loan when they started off in business.

“We really want to help give businesses starting out a helping hand, in the same way we were given a leg up at a time when the banks weren’t lending,” said Dominic.

“We’re going to give start-ups the chance to pitch Dragons’ Den-style for £5,000 interest free loans to use on whatever they want. We’ll award a small number of loans and, once paid back, recycle it. It will become a self-funding pot to draw on. We’re hoping to bring a local business panel together who can also provide advice and support once loans are awarded, to help promote ongoing success.”

Kerry said the financial helping hand complemented their approach to creating a fully-serviced office space that would also help start-ups to network and collaborate.

“We want to give the businesses based here the opportunity to mix, share ideas, expertise and help each other regardless of what sector or industry they work in," she said.

“Hopefully, the link-ups and collaboration will help them to grow and they will eventually move out in to the wider world and flourish further. As with the funding pot, the space they leave can then be occupied by another start-up and so the cycle continues.”

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Inside, offices will be created inside 8ft by 6ft shipping containers placed around the perimeter of the warehouse building which was last used to store equipment by a landscape gardening firm.

The containers, which will be painted bright orange, will be provided by Steeles Removals in Barrow, while the high quality fit out of the inside space will be undertaken by local tradespeople.

“We are committed to the area,” said Kerry.“We’re using local businesses and skills to bring an unused building back to life for the village. By bringing people here to visit and work in an amazing workspace in a beautiful setting right in the centre of Cumbria, we want to ensure the impact is enjoyed by as many people as possible. These are really exciting times.”

The development is expected to be completed by late summer with tenants moving in early autumn.

Solomons Europe employ 50 people across offices in Cumbria, Newton-le-Willows and Hartlepool. The company, which specialises in the process and energy sectors, is looking to recruit a number of positions in 2018.

Over the last 12 months it has taken on six trainee quantity surveyors, three of which are based in Cumbria, representing 13 per cent of its total workforce.

In addition to various professional and personal benefits for staff, one notable perk for all Solomon Europe employees is an opportunity for them and their families to take a take one week’s holiday per year in the company lodge near Troutbeck, Windermere.

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