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Egremont hailed as 'best market town' in England to live in

Published on: Thursday 21st June 2018

Egremont has been named the best market town to live and work in by the Royal Mail.

According to a new study market towns offer a good work-life balance because of affordable homes, good schools and low numbers of people working long hours.

Royal Mail drew up a list of the best market towns to live and work in across the UK.

Egremont was named best in England, Langholm in Scotland, Denbigh in Wales and Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.

A Royal Mail spokesman said "This new study demonstrates the breadth of market towns providing attractive places for people across the UK to live and work in.

"For people who value a good work-life balance, there are plenty of market towns to choose from."

The findings were based on average earnings, house prices, access to services, crime figures, skill level of the local population and unemployment figures.

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