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Cumbria’s engineering prowess praised

Published on: Friday 22nd July 2016
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Cumbria’s unique engineering facilities and capabilities make it a great place for a career, according to the President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Jon Hilton encouraged young people to consider a future in engineering during a visit to pharmaceutical giant GSK in Ulverston – a partner of Choose Cumbria.

He said: “I’m very impressed with the young people at GSK.

“It’s fantastic to see companies such as GSK putting apprenticeship schemes in place to encourage young people to follow a vocational route into engineering.

“I’d thoroughly encourage people to take on a career in engineering. It’s great fun, you get to work on interesting projects and you feel you’ve left your mark on the world to some extent.”

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ time in Cumbria also included a visit to BAE Systems and Furness College in Barrow.

Jon said: “I was really impressed with Furness College. It’s a great example of a modern, outward looking educational establishment working in partnership with local employers, such as BAE Systems, to deliver people with the skills they want.

“BAE Systems is a unique facility, as there are very few places you can build a nuclear submarine.

“The company is a very important employer in the UK with a huge supply chain and an infrastructure that puts £300 million into the wider engineering economy.”

Jon was also full of praise for Choose Cumbria, and backed the initiative to promote Cumbria as the best place to work, live, learn and play.

He said: “Choose Cumbria is a really good idea, as the county is an interesting place to work, and a fantastic place to play after work.

“The campaign is a great way to attract exactly the sort of people businesses need to come and work in the area.”

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