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Cumbrian company to celebrate success with Sir Richard Branson

Published on: Monday 27th June 2016
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Directors from electrical design company Athena PTS are set to meet Sir Richard Branson after the company was placed at No 7 on the 2015 Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table.

The Barrow-based business – a partner of Choose Cumbria – will be honoured at a conference and awards dinner at the entrepreneur’s family home in Oxfordshire on Wednesday, June 29.

Mark Skeels, Operations Director at Athena PTS, is looking forward to representing Cumbria at the event, alongside fellow directors Keith Bennett, David Shawcross and Neil Smith.

He said: “It’s fantastic that something we’ve committed to has been so successful and we’ve got this recognition of the hard work we’ve put in.

“In four years, Athena PTS has gone from nothing to the seventh fastest growing company in the UK.

“We’re looking forward to celebrating with other businesses from around the UK.”

Mark hopes his host will share the secrets of his success at the all-day event.

He said: “I hope Richard Branson is available for a chat as I’d really like to hear how he’s got to where he has.

“He has such a vision and I’d like to see if he has any tips for growing a business further.

“I’m interested to find out whether he had a masterplan and if he’s always followed his own instincts, or if he was in the right place at the right time.”

Athena PTS is the only company in Cumbria to make The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100, which celebrates the UK's fastest growing private firms.

The business has had a successful year so far after winning £3m worth of contracts in January alone.

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