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Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership reveals consultation results

Published on: Tuesday 7th August 2018
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Local Industrial Strategy will set out the county’s priorities to the 2030s

Cumbria needs to attract more people of working age, encourage more young people to stay in the county and improve the workforce’s skill levels.

These were among the key conclusions from Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership’s consultation events on its new Local Industrial Strategy, which were held at venues around the county last month.

The consultation events brought together businesses, councils, education and skills providers, the NHS, the police, the fire service, charities and other interest groups to discuss Cumbria’s strengths, opportunities and challenges – and how these issues should be addressed in the strategy.

The Local Industrial Strategy will set out the county’s priorities to the 2030s.

Apart from addressing the employment and skills gap, other issues that were highlighted countywide included the need for better infrastructure, especially digital connectivity.

The need to develop Cumbria’s creative and cultural offer was recognised as being an important part of attracting more people to live work and invest in county, particularly younger people.

Those that attended the events were also really keen that Cumbria spoke with one strong voice and worked together effectively to market the county.

Jo Lappin, Cumbria LEP chief executive, says: “The consultation events were great. They were well attended and the atmosphere at all the events was very positive.

“People recognised the importance of the strategy for Cumbria’s long-term future and were very keen to take part in its development. They also welcomed the fact that the LEP was committed to listening to all of our partners and were asking for their views.

“There was also a great deal of consistency in people’s priorities across Cumbria. The sessions generated a lot of great ideas, which the LEP will incorporate in its work going forward.

“We will work to develop a really strong strategy, with widespread local support, which highlights Cumbria’s strengths and makes a compelling case to Government and the private sector for investment in the county.

“The strategy will operate on twin platforms – increasing productivity and inclusive growth. We want to make sure that the strategy benefits everyone in the county, and that nobody is left behind."

The Government has said that Local Industrial Strategies need to be based on its five foundations of productivity: ideas and innovation, people; infrastructure, business environment, and places for more prosperous communities.

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