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Construction apprenticeship scholarships launched

Published on: Monday 27th June 2016
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A new apprenticeship scholarship will give two construction firms in Cumbria the chance to benefit from the placement of an apprentice for 12 months.

The initiative has been launched by the construction audit, contract and payroll provider, Hudson Contract to provide opportunities to two apprentices who have chosen a career in construction.

Hudson Contract will sponsor the apprentices by covering their salaries for up to a year.

Ian Anfield, managing director of Hudson Contract, said: “The building trade is one of the biggest apprenticeship employers, and with a serious skills shortage impacting the sector we really wanted to give something back to construction firms."

There were a record 18,290 construction apprenticeship programme starts in 2014-2015, compared with 15,890 the previous year.

Businesses can apply by visiting and describing in 100 words how having an apprentice can benefit their business.

Applications close on Thursday, June 30.

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