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College students given unique opportunity to help careers

Published on: Wednesday 27th April 2016
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Students at Kendal College are being given unique access to collections at one of the oldest museums in the UK to help give them a head start in their careers.

From September 2016, Archaeology and History A-level students will gain exclusive hands-on access to collections at Kendal Museum.

Matt Burke, Head of School for Creative Arts at Kendal College, a partner of Choose Cumbria, explained: “It’s not every day that students get the opportunity to work with items dating back hundreds and thousands of years.

“Kendal Museum provides a rare and stimulating place for students to learn and develop a true understanding of history and archaeology. Students signing up to these new A-Level courses will have a head start when it comes to furthering or entering a career in the cultural heritage sector.”

Archaeology students will get to grips with items from Ancient Egypt and Roman Forts and archaeological sites in Cumbria. History students will focus on the Crusades and the English Revolution.

Kendal College is expanding the range of A-levels available to study for 2016/2017. In addition to Archaeology and History, STEM subjects, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics have also been introduced.

A-Levels can be studied individually or combined with an existing vocational course to widen the offer to students in Cumbria.

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