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Cartmell Shepherd Summer Social to be held next month

Published on: Friday 27th July 2018

Members of the business elite will gather in the most stunning of settings to celebrate family businesses and all they achieve.

The much-anticipated Cartmell Shepherd Summer Social will be held at Warwick Hall on August 2, in association with the Family Business Network.

The event will see guests enjoy gin cocktails and canapes before hearing the inspirational stories behind three local businesses.

Peter Stafford, managing director of Cartmell Shepherd, said: “Family businesses come in many shapes and sizes, from large operators such as Stalkers to smaller businesses and new start-ups.

"When you add them all together they form a significant part of our economy, both rural and town, and in many ways are the lifeblood of Cumbria.

“The Family Business Network feeds into this very cleverly and supports businesses across all sectors.

"And of course Cartmell Shepherd as a company is proud to work with many of these family businesses too.

“We have three fantastic and very different businesses lined up to speak at the event; a large transport company, a relative new business at 10 years old which is growing rapidly and exporting all over the world, and a business which has truly embraced diversification.

“They will be sharing the knowledge they have built up over the years - and of course there will be a social element to it in one of the greatest of Cumbrian venues.”

After networking over drinks, guests will hear from Paul Rheinbach, managing director of More Handles, Karen Stalker, of Stalkers Transport and Richard and Kate Mawson, of Ryecorn Ltd.

A question-and-answer session about the stories behind each business will be hosted by director of the Family Business Network, Sue Howorth, followed by a focus on some of the key issues family businesses face.

She said: “This will be the first in a series of events hosted by Cartmell Shepherd and the Family Business Network. At the heart of each of them will be a desire to encourage collaboration and learning from each other.

“The partnership between Cartmell Shepherd and the Family Business Network works so well because we have a similar ethos and approach to business and to family businesses.

“The beauty of this event is that it is not just for Cartmell Shepherd clients. The focus is on bringing businesses together and opening them up to the opportunities which exist - and of course that works in both directions.

“I am very much looking forward to the evening. We have some amazing family businesses which are ready to share their stories. I’m sure it will be a fantastic event.”

Among the speakers will be Karen Stalker who, with her brother David, runs Stalkers Transport, a third generation family business.

She said: "We are very proud of our family business roots at Stalkers Transport and in this, our 50th year of trading, we have taken the time to reflect on what has been achieved over the years.

"Through successes and failures we have learned so much along the way and it is those experiences which have helped us create a strong, loyal team who all contribute towards making our business successful.

"Family businesses are so important to the economy of Cumbria and the UK as a whole, and its really important we celebrate all that they achieve.

"I'm looking forward to sharing our story at the Summer Social and hearing about other family businesses and their success stories."

This is the first time that Cartmells have held their summer social in association with the Family Business Network.

The event is free to attend, but places are limited and only a few tickets remain.

Visit and search for Cartmell Shepherd.

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