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Campaign launched to connect flooded Cumbrian communities

Published on: Tuesday 8th December 2015
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Spirit of Cumbria is CN Group Ltd’s campaign to bring Cumbria together and highlight the spirit and resolve already shown by thousands of devastated businesses and residents.

A website,, has been launched with four key sections.

Cumbrians are invited to contribute to a section to offer support and services, and one to ask for much needed supplies.

Visitors to the website will also have the opportunity to promote business is open as usual, or shut.

There’s also a board to simply share your Cumbrian flood experience or say thank you to someone in the community that has helped.

This is a great, free, opportunity to share your messages with a huge audience.

The #spiritofCumbria hashtag is already being added to social media posts, including Twitter and Facebook, that show the county’s collective strength.

We are also quoting other tweets that highlight the spirit of Cumbria, for example companies donating food and resourced towards the recovery efforts.

Social media has proved to be a valuable tool for flood victims, and we are inviting Cumbrians everywhere to show their resolve by using the #spiritofCumbria hashtag.

If thousands of you get involved, #spiritofCumbria could trend nationally. You can use the hashtag on Facebook posts as well, allowing people to search for and find support messages.

Choose South Cumbria is part of CN Group Ltd and is supporting the #spiritofCumbria campaign.

Claire Croskery, Content Manager for Choose South Cumbria, said: “We’ve really been inspired by the stories of generosity that have emerged from the flooding. The strength of Cumbria’s communities is one of our greatest assets. The #spiritofCumbria campaign is about celebrating this ‘togetherness’ and showing the rest of the world just how welcoming and supportive this County is.”

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