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Barrow shipyard’s next step in £400m plan

Published on: Wednesday 5th April 2017
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Plans to build the next part of a £400m shipyard development, required to enable construction of the country's new nuclear submarines by BAE Systems, have been given the green light.

Barrow Borough Council's planning committee today approved an application from BAE Systems Submarines, requesting permission to build a new Devonshire Dock Complex storage building and a new facility for maintaining its shiplift transfer cars.

The application from the Barrow shipyard is part of a significant investment programme referred to as the site redevelopment programme. The first works got under way in 2015 and are due to be completed by 2021.

In his report to the committee, council planning officer Jason Hipkiss said: “The application site is just over a hectare and is situated in the Devonshire Dock adjacent to the Devonshire Dock Hall.

“The application is a significant one in that it forms part of the wider SRP development within BAE. Located within the yard boundaries, the proposal is to consolidate existing uses on the site and provide modern storage and working space that complements functions carries out within DDH. The size and design are considered to be appropriate for this location, although some consultees have raised issues which require further assessment and resolution.”

Mr Hipkiss recommended the application be approved, subject to a number of conditions around the safe storage of fuel, an investigation of potential land contamination, flood prevention, limitation of noise pollution during building works, and submission and council approval of a traffic management plan.

Allan Day relocated to Cumbria to oversee the site redevelopment programme at BAE Systems. Read his story here.

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