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Actor survives on nuts and berries after being stranded in Cumbria

Published on: Tuesday 8th December 2015
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Actor and comedian Steve Coogan has described how he spent the night in his car in the aftermath of Storm Desmond.

Coogan was driving near Thirlmere lake during a trip to Coniston in Cumbria when he became trapped. With no signal on his phone he was forced to sleep in his car - with just his dog for company.

He told BBC Breakfast: "I went down the back of Thirlmere lake and got stuck on a landslide there. I was trying to drive past it in this four wheel drive because the other roads were blocked.

"And I got stuck at midnight and there was no signal on my phone and I had to spend the night there."

"Fortunately I had my dog with me, so he kept me company ", he added.

"And I'd been to the shops, so I survived 'Bear Grylls' style on nuts and berries - but I bought them at Marks and Spencer."

The Alan Partridge star later managed to get signal and call a friend for help, but the rescue was slowed when his friend's vehicle also became stuck.

Coogan said: "We had to dig him out, and then he tied a rope around my car and pulled me out, and then we escaped."

Click here to watch Steve Coogan talk about being caught in Storm Desmond

Article taken from the North-West Evening Mail.

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