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Acquisition helps Barrow estate agent grow

Published on: Tuesday 13th October 2015
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Corrie and Co estate agency acquired Furness Property Lettings in a recent move to incorporate a lettings side of the business after noticing an increase in demand.

In the acquisition, which took six months to finalise, both companies maintained the entire staff and the director of Furness Property Lettings, Caroline Metcalfe retained a directorship.

Furness Property Lettings now operates as Corrie and Co Lettings and managing director of the firm, David Corrie, is delighted with the acquisition.

He said: “The acquisition came about as we noticed an increase in activity in the rental market, we were looking to expand that side of the business and Caroline, the director of Furness property lettings was looking for access into Ulverston, and the rest of South Cumbria.

“We had an informal relationship with Caroline at Furness Property Lettings, when people had come to us looking to rent we always referred them there because we thought that the level of service was excellent.

“We’ve transferred all of the staff from Furness Property Lettings and taken on an additional member of staff as well.”

Mr Corrie believes that the new additions to the Corrie and Co team mean that the company can grow and become more efficient at the same time.

He said: “It means that we can be more dynamic as a business, we can now sell and rent under one roof and Caroline has access to a wider client base and so far it’s worked well. It’s really a win-win

“The intention now is to grow as a business, we’ll be looking at the opportunities that will be coming in the commercial sector with BAE and GSK, and with the expansion of the skills base in the area there are exciting times ahead.”

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