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Starting out

What can Cumbria offer young people?

You're young, full of ambition, but completely overwhelmed. Where do you start?

Whether you're thinking of continuing your education or you're desperate to get into the workplace, then you need to weigh up the options.

Cumbria has so much going on: fantastic colleges, a bustling university, lots to do in your spare time, and some huge companies that are willing to invest money to develop young people.

Companies in Cumbria are looking for talent - that's why places like BAE Systems and GSK offer workplace opportunities if you don't want to take A-levels and a degree straight after GCSEs.

Kimberly Clark Andy Moonan Choose Cumbria 2016

Kimberley-Clark developed Andy's skills

Andy Moonan, Asset Leader for Kimberly-Clark, started his career as an apprentice at the Barrow Mill back in 1995.

He said: “I’ve been lucky enough to go through an apprenticeship and several different jobs within the same factory.

"I’ve never felt the need to go anywhere else because I’ve always been able to develop in my current career.”

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Tamsin Case Study (2)

Tamsin is passionate about the progression of young people

“Sometimes young people in Cumbria aren’t aware of the range of opportunities on their doorstep, and the range of employers, skills and investment in the region."

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