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Support In Cumbria When Returning To Work.

Are you considering returning to work after a break, but not sure where to start? It doesn't need to be a daunting prospect - there's lots of help available and you're not alone.

Whether you have taken a career break to care for children or loved ones, or for health reasons, Cumbria has plenty of support available to help you get back into the workplace.

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Inspira: The help you need

Inspira are the leading career management and personal development organisation in Cumbria and a great source of support when getting back into the workplace.

Whether you need advice or support, Inspira can help you to regain your confidence, discover new ways to promote yourself and understand the skills that you have gained while taking a break. You'd be surprised how many life skills can be transferable and a real asset to employers.

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Lucia Dickinson The Key Inspira Carlisle Brass

Lucia valued her time with Inspira

“I met Deb from Inspira at a careers fair in Workington. Deb was my ‘sane brain’ and gave me advice on employers and local companies.

"She kept me focused on what I wanted and guided me through the Cumbrian employment market.

"It was quite daunting getting back into employment but Deb kept me motivated. I really, really enjoyed the experience and valued my time with Inspira."