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Careers in Cumbria

Exciting career opportunities are waiting

So, you’ve fallen in love with Cumbria and you crave the improved quality of life the region can offer, but what about career opportunities?

There are so many options in Cumbria. Whether you work in engineering, manufacturing, construction, life sciences, health, education, media, technical or support services, there's a career here for you. Ambitious? Think 'big fish in a small pond'; the opportunity to get noticed and progress quickly.

Did you know that Cumbria is home of some of the biggest names in global business, including Kimberly-ClarkBAE Systems and GSK?

Not only that, but there has been major investment in the county, and continued developments planned in nuclear and renewable energy for “Britain’s Energy Coast”.

Find jobs in Cumbria.

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We're paid to work in heaven every day

Terry Armistead, Burlington Stone: “Cumbria is an absolutely marvellous place to live. The scenery here is second to none.

"When we have a meeting with people from London and elsewhere, they look out and think they’re in heaven – and we’re in heaven everyday.

"They think it’s wonderful, and we’re paid to work in that environment.”

Have a look at what jobs are available in Cumbria - you might be surprised by what you find!

Job opportunities in Cumbria