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“There is a place for every student at Furness College”

Published on: Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Principal and Chief Executive Andrew Wren explains the options on offer for students after their GCSEs.

“I know how nerve-wracking GCSE results day is – for students and parents – but we can help students get to where they need to be,” he said.

“If students want to change their mind and are better at some subjects than they thought, they can come to talk to us at Furness College.

“For the students who don’t get the grades they need, there’s still a place for them at Furness College.

“It might be a case of compensating for lower grades in other ways so the student can still get on the course they want, or we can support them to where they need to be the following year - perhaps by putting them on a bridging course.

“There’s always a solution, so the important thing is not to panic and to talk to staff at the college to find out about the available options.

“Even if students don’t do as well in their GCSEs as they’d hoped, they’ll be surprised by what it’s like when they start college and how much they enjoy it.

“Don’t assume that college is going to be the same as school because it’s not.

“Not all students like academic learning or have enjoyed school, but it doesn’t mean they’re not very capable and gifted.

“For many students, particularly those on vocational programmes, they come to college and a lightbulb switches on and they love the practical side.

“Our vocational learning is a lot more focused on the student’s career choice.

Barrow Sixth Form College – our Rating Lane campus – encourages students to take more responsibility for their own learning and there are more freedoms.

“There’s still an expectation for students to attend and hand their work in on time, but the support is there. Attending Sixth Form prepares students for university.

“No matter what GCSE results you get, there’s a place for every student at Furness College.”

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