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Staff are celebrated at Castle Green Hotel

Published on: Wednesday 14th June 2017

Marketing Manager Liz Duncan, a member of the hotel’s ‘Five Year Club’, explains how Castle Green Hotel strives to give employees – as well as guests – an unforgettable experience in Cumbria.

Staff are valued and celebrated

Liz said: “Castle Green Hotel has a ‘Five Year Club’ to reward long-serving staff. If you’ve been with us for five years, you get wined and dined at an annual dinner which is a chance for the company to say thank you.

“We currently employ 120 - 130 staff and 45 members are in the club. It has great kudos, and we’ve even put it on our staff badges. It encourages consistency of staff and service and our guests love seeing familiar faces. There’s great camaraderie with the team.

“Staff who haven’t yet made the ‘Five Year Club’ are still rewarded for their service. Once a staff member has worked at the hotel for three months, they get a meal and a bottle of wine on their birthday every year.

“After a year’s service, staff members get to stay over at the hotel and experience a night as a guest.”

The business promotes existing employees with potential

Liz said: “We’ve had quite a few people at Castle Green who start working in the restaurant and then decide they want to move into other areas, such as reception.

“I started at Castle Green as a receptionist when the hotel opened in December 1997, and I’m now Marketing Manager.

“We have the flexibility to move people around so we don’t lose key people who know the business.”

Flexible shifts are perfect for working parents

Liz said: “As there are a number of different functions at the hotel, such as reception, housekeeping, food and beverage and the leisure club, we can offer varied roles to fit in around people’s lifestyles.

“We try to offer straight shifts where possible, which is good for working parents who may be looking for work in the mornings or evenings.”

Employees are encouraged to be sociable

Liz said: “We’re always keen to make Castle Green even more of a fun place to be, so we’ve been organising activities and trips out to encourage staff to socialise and meet other departments.

“Not everyone wants traditional, outwards bounds team building so we go for walks and plan events such as a day at the races, bowling or wine tasting.

“It started with women in the management team who decided to go out together as a group of friends and it’s developed into something wider. It’s been very well received by staff.”

Castle Green Hotel has a bright future

Liz said: “Castle Green is celebrating its 20th anniversary later this year, so we’re still deciding how to mark the occasion.

“We celebrated the 10th anniversary with a charity ball and raised £20,000 for North West Ambulance, so we may do another charity event or offer to help the community in some way.

“We’ll have a committee to decide but it’ll be an exciting end to the year for us.”

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