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Jackie Arnold

Life in Cumbria is ‘wonderful’ for Jackie

Published on: Friday 10th February 2017

Jackie Arnold MBE from BAE Systems Submarines shares her favourite things about living and working in Cumbria.

The outdoor experience

The fells and the coast are just a short drive away – it’s wonderful. I take my dog to the beach for walks and it’s a lovely way to wake up, de-stress and prepare for the day. Walking the fells is a hobby of mine and it’s something I’ve shared with my children as they’ve grown up. We tackle a fell and then end up in a cosy Lakes pub with a roaring fire – what could be nicer?

The people

Cumbrians are warm and welcoming. No one passes you by without a greeting whether you are walking the fells, exploring the towns and villages or attending events throughout the year. People are always friendly so it gives you the confidence to do things that you otherwise might think twice about. If you enter a new social environment, people are extremely welcoming.

The sport

I love to run, cycle, fell walk and ride horses in Cumbria, so who needs a gym? When my daughter was younger, we’d take our horses onto the beach and Birkrigg Common. It was blissful. We have access to all these amenities in Cumbria which make riding a horse so much more than walking around in a circle.

The feeling of safety

Cumbria is inclusive and tolerant and has been a wonderful place to raise my children. It’s a really friendly place.

The proliferation of opportunity

I've been lucky enough to have progressed my career within Cumbria and work with many people who have returned to Cumbria to progress theirs. Living and working in Cumbria suits me well and I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything by not moving away.

Jackie Arnold MBE is Head of Skills at BAE Systems Submarines in Cumbria. After training as a chartered accountant, Jackie began her career at BAE Systems Submarines as a Chief Accountant before working as Head of Strategy and then taking on a skills role at the company. As Head of Skills, Jackie works to ensure BAE Systems Submarines is attracting and developing employees with the right talent and skills to build on the Company's rich heritage and help secure its future success.

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