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How hiring an apprentice can benefit your business

Published on: Monday 6th February 2017

Davin Dhillon, a Founder and Director of our partner CLEARNORTH Recruitment Ltd, explains how taking on an apprentice has brought fresh thinking to the company.

He said: “Imogen has been our first apprentice at CLEARNORTH Recruitment Ltd. As a micro business, it’s freed up some of our time and allowed us to concentrate on the activities that directly help to grow our business as Imogen has come on board and focused on a number of tasks that we were previously sharing amongst our team.

“Imogen’s NVQ and apprenticeship scheme is structured, but she is able to pick from ‘units’ which she is able to align with the duties she is performing day to day for us at CLEARNORTH. Therefore, we had the ability to tailor-make a role with Imogen that works for our business and helps her work towards completing her NVQ. She has helped in any manner of ways and handled things with consummate ease.

“Another benefit of Imogen’s youth is that she brings fresh thinking. We’ve often brainstormed ideas in the office to purposely involve her as she sees things in a fresh light and looks at challenges in a different way to what we traditionally would, and we’ve really welcomed that.

“It has been a pleasure to know that we are helping a young person to develop their confidence in industry and gain real experience in the world of work.  As we work closely with clients and candidates, I am sure Imogen has gained a lot of knowledge about other businesses in Cumbria and the sectors they are involved in.

“Having an apprentice has been mutually beneficial and rewarding for both parties, and we have thoroughly enjoyed having her around.”

Imogen O’Brien, 17, from Millom has been a Business Administration apprentice at CLEARNORTH Recruitment Ltd since September. As her placement comes to an end, she reflects on her time at the company and shares her plans for the future.

She said: “I spent eight months at Furness College doing a Business Administration course before going on to my apprenticeship.

“I wanted more experience in a working environment and an apprenticeship seemed more practical than a degree as it was important to me to earn a salary. I get the best of both worlds with an apprenticeship.

“I have a varied role at CLEARNORTH and I can pick topics to study that fit in with work. I have responsibilities for purchase ledgers, database administration, formatting CVs, taking minutes of meetings and event planning for marketing events.

“I’m learning and helping others at CLEARNORTH. Through my apprenticeship, I bring in new ideas to the business and keep them up to date with new ideas and the latest thinking.

“My apprenticeship focuses on transferrable skills so it could lead on to opportunities in other sectors. I’m still open to ideas, but I’d like to do a finance course after my apprenticeship.

“I’m planning to stay in Cumbria, near my family and friends. There’s no reason for me to move away.”

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