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How Clearing can put you on the path to your future career

Published on: Wednesday 23rd August 2017

As thousands of students across Cumbria prepare to start at university this autumn, many more are still considering their options.

After A-level results were released in August, prospective students can go through the process of Clearing to find places on university courses that still have vacancies if they’ve changed their mind about their future plans or want to find out more about available opportunities.

Emma Fereday, UK Student Recruitment & Outreach Manager at University of Cumbria, explains why Clearing can be a “game changer” for some students.

“At the University of Cumbria, we have a wide range of experts from all of our courses ready to give advice and information,” she said. “Students can speak directly to an academic and get a feel for what their chosen course is really like.

“We’ve also got student ambassadors answering calls, which is fantastic as students can find out first-hand what studying at the university is like.

“We’ve already spoken to a lot of students who have changed their mind about their chosen course.

“Applying to university is quite a lengthy process, so career goals can change during that time. As a university with a 9/10 employability rate, we offer a huge variety of courses and subject areas that lead to great careers and vocations.

“We’ve spoken to people who thought university was just a dream they once had and now they’re getting offers for interviews and places on their chosen courses.

“Clearing can be a complete game changer for some people – it’s a really positive time.”

With the university’s focus on employability, new students will get the best start to their future career with advice from a range of different experts.

“The university has the continued success of employability and getting students into graduate careers,” said Emma.

“We want our students to think about their career options from day one.

“We’re very lucky to have Honorary Fellows and alumni, who are experts across a number of different fields, to talk to students about their career successes.

“A lot of our academics have been professionals in their fields so they bring real life and up to date practice into the classroom and using their first-class connections to provide relevant industry based and linked opportunities.

“We can provide fantastic opportunities for students to achieve what they want to achieve and help them find their own paths.

“As well as supporting students, the university can provide for the local area in terms of our graduates going into different professions or vocations in Cumbria.

“Many of our students stay in Cumbria and Lancashire filling vital professional roles in sectors such as health, well-being and sport; education; science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM); arts and culture; business and professional services; and the rural and visitor economies.”

With the university celebrating its 10th anniversary, Emma believes there’s no better time to study in Cumbria.

“There are lots of different celebrations and activities taking place as the university celebrates its tenth anniversary year and launches a new strategic plan to position the university for further and future sustainability and success,” she said.

“As the university is relatively new, we can bring in new lecturers who have different ways of teaching and provide a full range of courses to meet the needs of students.

“The University of Cumbria will only ever grow and develop, and our students are a huge part of that.

“We’re really keen to get them involved in shaping the future of the university. It’s a very exciting time to join the University of Cumbria.”

The University of Cumbria offers opportunities through Clearing into September.

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