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High achievement rates for apprenticeships in South Cumbria

Published on: Tuesday 15th March 2016

Furness College in Barrow-in-Furness trains over 700 apprentices each year and works in partnership with a large number of employers in the area, including Choose South Cumbria partners BAE Systems, the NHS and GSK, who take on apprentices.

The College has one of the highest achievement rates for apprenticeships in the country, with all of their apprentices in employment.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, Principal and Chief Executive of Furness College Andrew Wren explains why apprenticeships offer a fantastic opportunity for young people in South Cumbria.

He said: “We have apprenticeships in lots of different sectors, so there is something for everyone.

“Apprenticeships are about a vocation and learning from the best employers who want to grow their own workforce.

“Nearly all of our tutors and lecturers at Furness College have come from industry, so they’ve worked in the jobs that our students are training to do.

“Our students get a very good understanding of what a job will be like and whether it’s the right job for them. It really prepares them for their future career.

“With an apprenticeship, young people can earn and learn on the job and in college. If they do a good job during their apprenticeship, there’s a very good chance they’ll continue in employment with that organisation.

“We treat college like a workplace. It’s an enjoyable and sociable environment, but the responsibility is with the individual. When our apprentices move full time into a working environment, they’re prepared. They’ve got broad, work-ready skills.

“In Barrow, there’s a very close relationship between education and employers and that’s really important. We involve employers such as BAE Systems in developing and delivering the curriculum. They need skilled people so they understand that investing in apprentices will help to achieve their goal.”

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