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Published on: Friday 9th June 2017

Step into your chosen career with a Furness College university-accredited higher education qualification.

Scott Reynolds
HND in Art & Design

"In this course, you need to broaden your creative skills if you want get the most out of it and Furness College helps you with that kind of mindset. From the tutors who help and push you in a direction that makes full use of your skill and creative mind to the equipment on hand to help you put it into practice. I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people on the course and to get a foot in the door with contacts in this field of work. Your work is only bound by the limits of your creative thinking.

I took up this course to further my skills as a creative person and to get me a career in the creative art sector. I knew there would be a lot of work involved. From coming up with an idea, to the drafts and sketches and to the final pieces of work, with all the research and experimental work thrown in as well, this course did not disappoint. Yes, there was a lot of work, but that’s what helps to generate new ideas and really push your work forward.

The course has given me new skills that help me think outside the box and strive to create work that I love. If I can have a career in a hobby that I love doing then that is a bonus for me."

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Heidi McKenzie
Foundation Degree in Business with Project Management

Company: Defence industry (Morson)
Job Title: Secretarial Administrator

"I have an interest in project management and, as there is not much room for promotion in admin, I felt this was the qualification that would help me move up the career ladder after more than 30 years.

At first I thought I was too old to do a course at the age of 52 and worried that I would be the only older student there. The majority are younger but I don’t feel out of place. We have a good group and they are all very friendly and funny.

I have also learnt things at college that I have been able to use in my role, especially in Excel. Recently I had an interview for a job I really wanted and there were questions on Excel and self-development. I was able to talk about these subjects with confidence and I got the job!

I like the fact Furness College is local, you are studying with local people and can relate to local businesses. I was able to get student finance. The college’s virtual learning environment has also been a great help. The tutor is excellent and makes the lessons interesting and fun, especially when we use Kahoot which is a fun way to revise in the group.

Studying has, and is still, given me confidence in my ability. I am learning from my tutor and from the other students. I have almost finished my first year it has gone so quickly. Soon I will be able to say “I have a degree!” That feels good."

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Sean Nicholson
Foundation Degree in Construction Management

Company: Leck Construction Ltd
Job Title: Project Estimator

"With the University of Cumbria further education courses taking place at Furness College, it has meant I could study the degree I wanted in my home town. This course was the best match for me looking to further my knowledge and progress within in the construction industry. The main benefit for me is that I can still work in full-time employment, while attending lectures of an evening and completing my assignments over a duration of weekends - albeit slightly taking over my social life!

I completed my bricklaying apprenticeship at Furness College the best part of eight years ago. As I had studied here in the past, my preconceptions were that it would be similar to how it was then. This wasn’t to be the case as the college has advanced considerably over recent years. I have really enjoyed the modules that I have studied and developing my understanding of construction management.

My advice to anyone thinking about higher education would be just be sure you are willing to put the time and effort in - if this is the case you won’t go far wrong. All the resources you’ll need can be found in the student library and the Foundation Degree has its own content to support further learning. I’ve adapted from working on site to an office environment rather well and I feel the course helped me with this transition. I think the next step after completing this course would be for me to do my top up degree in quantity surveying."

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Claire Huddlestone
Health & Social Care Foundation Degree

Company: Vision Centre
Job Title: Volunteer

"Before I started on the course I was a full-time mum and housewife. When I left school I studied health and social care but didn’t have the opportunity to go to university and after having various careers I realised that I still wanted to work in social care. The course content has been really interesting, highlighting the different aspects within the social care sector in our local area. I was slightly nervous about what the tutors/assessments would be like especially going back to education after such a long time but there was no need to be nervous the tutors are amazing they support you every step of the way.

I would absolutely encourage others to study Higher Education at Furness College the benefits are fantastic. One of the main factors for myself was the course cost and the class sizes. By studying at Furness College, I don’t have to spend hours travelling to a university which saves money. Furthermore, the courses are cheaper than many other universities plus the tutors have the time to support you throughout the course. I would now like to work with children in the local area supporting mental wellbeing while raising awareness of the issues children face.

I would like to top up my course to an Honours degree. I have learnt various aspects of social care that will allow myself to be able to begin working with children and different organisations to gain more experience hopefully leading to my ideal career."

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